America Will See Clandestine in February, 3 New Festivals


Since our world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in November, we’ve been maintaining radio silence. There were certain events that required celebration, and we took advantage of this time to suspend Clandestine activity. But this time away from the editing room has not been completely idle. Gideon and I have been following up with our new friends and operatives, working on publicity, and fielding submission invitations from festivals around the world. To date, Clandestine has been solicited by almost a dozen festivals from three different continents. While we have been greatly encouraged by the interest, we’ve been anxious knowing that the first couple of weeks of 2010 would bring official selection notices for a handful of screening opportunities. We are proud to announce that we have been accepted to three American festivals for the month of February.

Thin Line Film Festival - 3rd Year - Denton, TX
It is not typical for films to hold their country premieres at newer, smaller festivals. But the Thin Line Film Festival presents an environment tailored to Clandestine. The focus on the festival is to present films that blur the thin line between fact and fiction, documentary and narrative; films just like Clandestine. And so it is that Clandestine will hold it’s Texas Premiere at the 3rd annual Thin Line Film Festival.

Black Maria Film + Video Festival - 29th Year - Nationwide
The Black Maria Film + Video Festival is a touring festival. Once the films are selected by a jury, they are taken to over 65 venues across the United States from February until June. This will give Clandestine the opportunity to play in museums, colleges, libraries, and select theaters nationwide. Some notable past venues of the festival are the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Smithsonian in Washington DC, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Atlanta’s own Cinefest Theater. Black Maria focuses on short works that reveal an inventive, insightful, and uncommon spirit.

Cinequest Film Festival - 20th Year - San Jose, CA
Being the first major independent film festival to be held after the Academy Awards, Cinequest is a festival and institution that focuses on “The Maverick”. It serves to highlight filmmakers who are doing what others aren’t, who are breaking ground, and doing it with little resources. It is a terrific atmosphere for Clandestine to shine. We hope to see a good crowd come out to see our American Premiere at Cinequest.

The broadcast is in, and the message is clear. Festivals are viewing Clandestine as a fresh, inventive film, worth showcasing to a larger American audience. We are now at the true beginning of our festival tour. The next few months will bring nearly 15 more official selection notices. Expect regular contact. So keep your dials tuned here, or be left in the cold.

End transmission.