Attention Abroad: Surfing on the Radio Waves

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It was pleasing to find this post on Clandestine last week by a kind stranger abroad. Tomas Goesl is a Shortwave listener and Ham Radio operator (call OK1JRA), who keeps up a website about radios and communication across the globe. It is very thorough and up to date from what I can tell (it is in the Czech language). For any reader of the Clandestine blog who is interested in the topic of shortwave, radio, and Numbers Stations, it is a good place to subscribe.

Contact has been established with Mr. Goesl through his website, and he has expressed more interest in viewing Clandestine. One possibility for this would be the 44th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival which takes place in July 2010.

So, keep your fingers crossed and tune your dials to Surfing on the Radio Waves.

Note: you can use Google Translate to translate and browse sites in foreign languages.

Here is the Mr. Goesl’s post translated by Google:

In its surfing the net I came across an interesting film. It’s such a cross between a fancy story and document the numbers stations. Film-makers have used freely available documents and information tehta stations, add the story and created a piece that would have fans tehta mysterious stations certainly not be missed. The film lasts about 34 minutes, the black and white and will have its world premiere Dec. 20 at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.