CLANDESTINE at Other Cinema this weekend (4/2/2011)!

It's important for us to express how happy we are about this weekend's screening of CLANDESTINE at Other Cinema.

For those of you who don't know, Other Cinema is the brain child of filmmaker Craig Baldwin. Partly responsible for a renewed interest in ephemeral filmmaking, Craig Baldwin has been making archival collage films for nearly 20 years. His work is one of the primary influences on CLANDESTINE. We are overjoyed that Mr. Baldwin will be playing our film this weekend at Other Cinema Studios.

If you're in the bay area, head over to Other Cinema this Saturday 4/2 and say hello to Mr. Baldwin for us.

Here is the exerpt

The joke is that it’s actually the day after, but we’re carrying the prankster spirit of April 
’s to our gallery tonight. But seriously, we’re celebrating two book launches: David 
 Sign Wars and Brett Kashmere’sIncite, both on counter-archival practices. 
Headlining is Gideon C. Kennedy andMarcus Rosentrater’s Clandestine, a wholly appropriated concoction that narrates the fascinating tale of the Conet shortwave-radio broadcasts. These “Numbers Stations” anachronistically use human voices to encrypt classified intelligence in haunting, repeated cadences of simple numerals. ALSO: Damon Packard's insanely funny Star Wars Mockumentary, Banksy in B-MovieDavid (Wax) Blair’s Telepathic Cinema of Manchuria, and Mark Amerika’s Spectacle Remix. Come early to browse the books at our Negativland-enriched reception with toast and jam, Yes Men clips, andfree TV Sheriff DVDs!


Also be sure to check out the calendar for more Other Cinema events.