REVIEW: Shorts Program 3, Docunation; A Small Mention

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Cynthia Corral, hardcore Cinequester and tireless reviewer gave Clandestine a brief mention in her review of the Shorts Program 3, Docunation.

CLANDESTINE is a narrative about the filmmaker’s father who is a shortwave hobbyist, but intertwined with a documentary about the encrypted messages used by spies, and the history of what happened to some of these spies.  It’s a 30 minute film and I found it to be fascinating and well told.  I like when documentaries teach us something, and this doc was quite interesting.

More than thankful for this review, we are especially grateful for Cynthia’s energy and dedication to Cinequest and independent film. Throughout the duration of Cinequest she watched 26 films in 11 days, and reviewed nearly all of them. She, perhaps unknowingly, was our eyes and ears to the festival.

As you may know, Gideon and I were unable to attend, but Cynthia was kind enough to answer some questions about our second screening. Nearly 100 people attended Shorts Program 3 on Saturday, March 6th. The favorites among audience members were Notes On The Other (which we screened with at IDFA) and How Green Was Our Valley; Cynthia mentioned Clandestine was one of her favorites as well.